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Never make abdominal ultrasound scan with empty bladder.

In my point of view, there are some bladder diseases generally neglected by inexperienced sonographers because of empty bladder. Therefore, patients need to drink enough fresh water in order to produce large amount of urine inside the bladder. However, some old men or women who often have same difficulty are that they did not be able to wait until having enough urine inside the bladder actually. These patients need to be pumped at least 150ml of normal saline into their bladder via urethral sonde which is often a Foley sonde to make an ultrasound window. By this method we will be able to diagnose more detailed about bladder and prostatic disease as well. Yesterday, a 72 year old patient who came to Thu Duc hospital because of bleeding heavily from urinary system. He was checked on an abdominal ultrasound with normal findings for the first time. However on ct scan, we found that a large tumour on the upper wall of the bladder caused him too much trouble really! He has been operated on the following day. However, the tumour invaded sigmoid colon with T4N1MX, said the surgeon. As a matter of fact he has bad prognosis actually. On the operating report, they had to cut the sigmoid colon and bladder in hafl and reshape it as well.
In conclusion. The important thing is try to keep the bladder full of urine before doing an abdominal ultrasound scan. Take a look pictures for the second ultrasound scan at page2


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