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3 cases of Rectal tumors on ultrasound scan

Hi everyone, on the first official day of Tet holiday in 2011 we have had 3 patients with rectal tumors based on ultrasound findings actually. So i would like to post all images on the blog as a new year’s present to you.
A 62 years- old man who went to hospital because he had defecating problem for 2 months and a urinating difficulty for 2 days before going to hospital. On ultrasound scan we found out that he had a mixed echogenic mass with well defined, beneath the bladder and prostate as well. Therefore, the patient had an rectal examination by a surgeon after that. There was a solid mass in the rectum actually.  We do know that the blockage  leaded to the feeling of severe constipation and  pain as well. And then the cancer  was invading the rectal wall and the prostate caused the urinating problem i supposed. So a  fine needle biosy could be performed to see what type of tumor it was the doctor said.

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