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A case of placental abruption

A young pregnant woman who was hospitalised by severe vaginal bleeding and very painful tetanic uterus. She has an abdominal ultrasound scan at once. As a result she’s thirty four and a half weeks pregnant. But the major problem is there was an large hematoma, nearly 50mm in diameter as a result of placental abruption which was forming gradually so that the fetus heart rate was still normal, about 142 pulses per minute actually. So, we have had a brief chat shortly with obstetrics immediately. She has been diagnosed with placental abruption.

It was generally accepted that she needed an operation in order to rescue the baby and ceasing bleeding as soon as posible. According to Dr Thanh Ky who mainly performed on this surgery the amniotic fluid was in the red colour actually. But The baby and his mother were ok. However the baby was just 1900 grams in weight so that he was sent to children hospotal because the baby needed further nursing really.

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