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A 30 years-old man who was severely wounded and dead after that.

This is a case that i have never met before actually. A man was in a serious condition in hospital after being injured. As you can see on the video, it is generally accepted that, He was severely injured by deathly attack. While we were examining his body, we found out that there were two holes on his body actually, one was on the left side of his abdomen and the other was on the upper right side of his chest altogether.

On CT scanner we discovered some damaged organs such as left liver, pancreatic tail and massive injury of right lung without damaging any large vessels at all. However it was even more seriously than we thought. Therefore the operation was needed to be performed immediately. He was suffering from the long operation, nearly 5 hours. But unfortunately, he was really on unstable condition with low blood pressure and toxic condition those result in the damage of many organs. According to one surgeon who took part into the operation directly, patient’s left colon has also been perforated caused peritonitis inevitably. Please take a closer look at some more pictures below:


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